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Initial Thoughts

“Looking back on the program, I’m thankful to have taken the Vancouver MaxiCourse. There is no question that it improved my surgical skills and my knowledge base, especially in preparation for the Associate Fellow exam. What was great about our group was that we were able to come together and study together and prepared well for the exam, so I’m very thankful to have been a part of that group.”

~ Dr. Nick Seddon, West Vancouver

“I had taken a few implant courses before. It was good enough for me to get started, but then I wanted to learn more clinical and go further from my current level. The hard thing is – one never knows what one doesn’t know. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and I didn’t know what I would learn. It’s always an open-ended journey. You don’t know what you’re going to get. You take it and you gets lots out of it.
What I got out of it was beyond my expectations. How it influenced me as a clinician was to be more thorough in preparation. The actual work in implant dentistry can be very fast, but there is a lot more I can do better in preparing for the case.
I think the process of going into implant dentistry – it’s like first days and you’re scared to get into it. After the right course and the right mentor, maybe you’re ready to jump into it.”

~ Dr. Sherry Sui, Surrey BC

What are the Vancouver MaxiCourse’s greatest strengths?

“Excellent worldclass speakers and mentors without having to leave Vancouver.”
~ Dr. Mike Flunkert, Vancouver BC

“Knowledgeable mentors—experienced, patient, passionate, and great teachers. Great learning through case presentations before surgery as well as critiques done following surgeries.”
~ Dr. Anya Vanaki, Vancouver BC

“The surgical component—discussing different approaches and techniques  for cases and then being able to see these performed.”
~ Dr. Mike Webster, Kelowna BC

“Small class with many competent and enthusiastic mentors”
~ Dr. Ryan Chuang, Everett, Washington

What has the Vancouver MaxiCourse given you?

“I’ve been exposed to different treatment options that I never knew existed prior to attending the course. I now have the confidence to do cases in my office and to know which cases to select as well as be aware of the complications that might occur and how to handle them.”
~ Dr. Sanjay Bhambhani, Edmonton AB

“A support network of mentors and colleagues and a body of knowledge that allows me to view implant dentistry in a whole new light.”
~ Dr. Mike Webster, Kelowna BC

“Understanding the limitations and to work within my knowledge base. It comes down to knowing what you know and knowing what you Don’t know.”
~ Dr. Rocky Bozak, Salmon Arm BC

Would you recommend this program to others?

“It was a good course with a steady schedule that helps to build momentum in an implant practitioner.”
~ Dr. Greg Kosar, Winfield BC

“If you’re going to do implant dentistry, why not learn as comprehensively as possible?”
~ Dr. John Tran, Calgary AB

“Comprehensive lectures with the ability to perform a wide range of procedures.”
~ Dr. Vu Le, Foothill Ranch, California

“Great experience. It changed the course of my professional career.”
~ Dr. Ryan Chuang, Everett, Washington