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the Vancouver MaxiCourse

Practical Implant Education in Vancouver, Canada


Learn through experience. Implant Education best learned through action.

The Vancouver MaxiCourse maximizes hands-on training and pairs it with internationally acclaimed expert knowledge. There is no better way to learn surgery than to have one-on-one surgical mentorship, and we provide opportunities for you to lead surgery, assist your colleagues, observe a plethora of procedures, and observe our faculty live demonstrations. You won’t find another program like it in Vancouver.

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Learn from the ground up. Implant Education starting from square one.

The Vancouver MaxiCourse ® is a structured dental implant training program consisting of 30 days of education over ten months, which includes 10 days of hands-on clinical experience. The program runs annually from September to June, with each module on one weekend, Friday to Sunday. It consists of a systematic buildup of didactic material, laboratory exercises, surgical demonstrations, clinical participation, and surgeries on your own patients. All surgeries will be mentored and supervised by AAID credentialed faculty members. Module four of the program will offer an opportunity to review surgical anatomy as well as the placement of implants and performance of various surgical procedures on cadavers – a traveling program in December. Each participant will be eligible to challenge the written component of the AAID Fellowship exam at the end of the program. This is optional and a personal choice.


Learn what you need to learn. Implant Education tailored to your needs.

While the curriculum starts with the foundation and adds building blocks throughout the year, your surgical training is 100% personalized. Need support in socket preservation grafting and posterior implant placement? We can guide you. Want to do more advanced bone grafting, like tunnel grafting and ridge expansion? We’re here to help. Is it time for you to expand your sinus lifting and augmentation skills? We’re excited for you! We want you to stretch your clinical skills to the next level.

One-on-One Surgical Mentorship
Ground Up

Learn from the best. Implant Education from the Experienced & Credentialed.

Our program team consists of six American Board-Certified Oral Implantologists, lead by Program Director Dr. William Liang. In addition to our faculty members who work with participants throughout the year, we have a number of world-renowned speakers and clinicians who specialize on particular topics and bring higher value to our program participants. Your implant education will be as diverse as it is immersive.


Meet our team of surgical mentors, with years of experience and on hand to support your live patient surgical practice

William Liang
Director, Speaker, Mentor
Peter Balogh
Surgical Mentor & Speaker
Tony Wong
Surgical Mentor
Gabor Balogh
Surgical Mentor
Jonathan Tsang
Surgical Mentor
Paul Newitt
Surgical Mentor & Speaker


Hear from our Alumni


“Excellent world-class speakers and mentors without having to leave Vancouver.”

Dr. Flunkert, Vancouver B.C.

“I’ve been exposed to different treatment options that I never knew existed prior to attending the course. I now have the confidence to do cases in my office and to know which cases to select as well as be aware of the complications that might occur and how to handle them.”

Dr. Bhambhani, Edmonton AB

“Knowledgeable mentors—experienced, patient, passionate, and great teachers. Great learning through case presentations before surgery as well as critiques done following surgeries.”

Dr. Vanaki, Vancouver B.C.

“Comprehensive lectures with the ability to perform a wide range of procedures.”

Dr. Le, Foothill Ranch, California

“A support network of mentors and colleagues and a body of knowledge that allows me to view implant dentistry in a whole new light.”

Dr. Webster, Kelowna B.C.

“If you’re going to do implant dentistry, why not learn as comprehensively as possible?”

Dr. Tran, Calgary AB

“It was a good course with a steady schedule that helps to build momentum in an implant practitioner.”

Dr. Kosar, Winfield B.C.

“Great experience. It changed the course of my professional career.”

Dr. Chuang, Everett, Washington

“Understanding the limitations and to work within my knowledge base. It comes down to knowing what you know and knowing what you Don’t know.”

Dr. Bozak, Salmon Arm B.C.
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