• Practical Implant Education
  • Rigorous didactic instruction
  • Hands-on implementation
  • Critical thinking

the AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse

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Welcome to the AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse

Practical Implant Education.
Learn through experience. Learn from the ground up. Learn what you need to learn. Learn from the very best.

Who We Are

At our core, we believe that your education needs to provide real world applications, free from corporate bias, balanced between rigorous didactic material and practical hands-on implementation, and striving to build critical thinking skills for your independent practice.

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    What is your practice philosophy? Does it guide how you run your business and work with patients?

    Our vision is simple: We provide support and guidance to make you the best implant dentist you can be.

    We implement our vision by providing a scientifically-based program that balances didactic knowledge-building with skill-building exercises, in an atmosphere that promotes critical thinking through rigorous discussion and fundamental analysis in your decision-making process.

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    Freedom from Corporate Bias

    Implant dentistry, in particular, is driven by corporate interest. A specialty not covered in dental school, learning in this field is primarily covered by Continuing Education courses. Implants were first developed by industry, and numerous corporations now run courses to teach dentists how to place dental implants.

    As soon as companies carry a monopoly on your education, you need to ask yourself – does this still serve my practice and my patients?

    We understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in implant dentistry. With us, you learn the science, the fundamentals, and the designs of implants, both pros and cons. You are not learning an implant system. You are learning to think critically and make informed decisions.

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    A scientifically-based curriculum is at the core of our teaching.

    To help make you the best implant dentist you can be, we employ the educational approach of scaffolding:

    1. learn how a concept works [didactic]
    2. witness its implementation through demonstration
    3. practical application in a simulation lab
    4. and finally implement the concept with a live patient.
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    Critical Thinking

    At the heart of your long-term success in oral implantology is the ability to think critically. Without it, independent practice will be fraught with difficulties as you struggle to understand what goes wrong.

    With us, you have a scientifically-based didactic curriculum to build understanding and knowledge. You have hands-on application to build competency. You have real-world demonstrations and in-depth discussion to build critical thinking skills… because after all, there are many different treatment approaches that can succeed, and making informed decisions on treatment will inform your outcomes.

The magic is in the magician, not in the wand.

~ Dr. William Liang

The benefit to you

Thoughtfully designed and implemented, our program provides a framework for dentists (both new to implant dentistry and seasoned) to take their knowledge and skills to the next level

Learn through experience. Implant Education best learned through action.

The Vancouver MaxiCourse maximizes hands-on training and pairs it with internationally acclaimed expert knowledge. There is no better way to learn surgery than to have one-on-one surgical mentorship, and we provide opportunities for you to lead surgery, assist your colleagues, observe a plethora of procedures, and observe our faculty live demonstrations. You won’t find another program like it in the Pacific Northwest.

Ground Up 3

Learn from the ground up. Implant Education starting from square one.

The Vancouver MaxiCourse is a structured dental implant training program, 30 days of education over ten months (with 10 days of hands-on clinical experience). Commencing each November, it consists of a systematic buildup of didactic material, laboratory exercises, surgical demonstrations, clinical participation, and surgeries on your own patients. Module four of the program will offer an opportunity to review surgical anatomy as well as the placement of implants and performance of various surgical procedures on cadavers.

Learn what you need to learn. Implant Education tailored to your needs.

While the curriculum starts with the foundation and adds building blocks throughout the year, your surgical training is 100% personalized. Need support in socket preservation grafting and posterior implant placement? We can guide you. Want to do more advanced bone grafting, like tunnel grafting and ridge expansion? We’re here to help. Is it time for you to expand your sinus lifting and augmentation skills? We’re excited for you! We want you to stretch your clinical skills to the next level.


Learn from the best. Implant Education from the Experienced & Credentialed.

Our program team consists of six American Board-Certified Oral Implantologists, lead by Program Director Dr. William Liang. In addition to our faculty members who work with participants throughout the year, we have a number of world-renowned speakers and clinicians who specialize on particular topics and bring higher value to our program participants. Your implant education will be as diverse as it is immersive.

The Big Picture

How far we've come since commencing in 2010

Years Running the MaxiCourse

Average Mentor Years' Experience in Implantology

Number of Alumni

Number of Associate Fellows

Number of Diplomates

The pursuit of credentials through the AAID is a personal choice to every dentist, not mandated by the MaxiCourse

Our Curriculum

Foundations of Implantology


History of implantology
Identifying edentulous sites
Divisions of available bone
Medical evaluation


Pharmacology for the Implant Dentist


CBCT & Dental Imaging
Case work-up
Wound healing & suturing techniques
Bone pathology

Principles of Implants & Bone Grafting


Treatment Planning General Principles
Overview of Bone Grafting
Socket Preservation Grafts


Bone physiology and biomechanics


Nuts & bolts of the root form implant
ABC’s of Dental Implants
Why Surgical Guides

Treatment Planning, Advanced Bone Grafting, & Surgical Anatomy [intro]


Bone Grafting – tunnel grafting, ridge expansion
Treatment Planning General Principles
Post-Op Surgical Management


Pharmacology for the Implant Dentist


Surgical Anatomy of the Maxilla & Mandible
Bone Structure and Physiology Relevant to Bone Grafting
Evidence based bioengineering of atrophied jaws

Block Grafting & Surgical Anatomy for the Oral Implantologist


Block Grafting – General Principles & Implementation
Block Grafting Workshop


Surgical Anatomy for the Oral Implantologist
Spread of Infection
Emergency treatment/hemorrhage and airway management
Hands-on exercises on cadavers


Surgical Anatomy of the floor of the mouth & possible complications upon reflections of mucoperiosteal flaps
Hands-on exercises on cadavers
Implant and bone grafting procedures on cadavers

Posterior Maxilla, Sinus Augmentation


Posterior Maxilla – Development, Anatomy & Pathology
Sinus Augmentation
Vascularized Buccal Inversion Flap


Live demonstration surgeries
Live surgery led by participants


Live demonstration surgeries
Live surgery led by participants

The Edentulous Maxilla, Immediate Implant Placement, Post-Op Surgical Management


Treatment of the Edentulous Mouth
Treatment Options for the Edentulous Maxilla
Treating the Premaxilla
Treating the Edentulous Pre-Maxilla [case presentation]


Immediate implant placement algorithms
Second Stage Surgery & Implant Provisionalization


Post-Op Surgical Management
Implant success & failures

Treatment Planning the Mandible, Implant Occlusion


Treatment of the Edentulous Mandible
Progressive Bone Loading
Implant Occlusion


Live demonstration surgeries
Live surgery led by participants


Live demonstration surgeries
Live surgery led by participants

Restorative Sequence & Prosthetics, Practice Implementation, Soft Tissue Management


How to Manage a Full arch Restoration
Implant Prosthetics sequencing and workflow


Implementing Implant Dentistry into Your Practice


Gingival recession & differing protocols
Methods to document recession and tissue volume stability
Selection of autogenous vs. allograft materials
Soft Tissue Surgical Techniques
Peri-Implant Mucositis

Implant Maintenance


Ongoing maintenance


Live demonstration surgeries
Live surgery led by participants


Live demonstration surgeries
Live surgery led by participants

Laser Dentistry, Final Topics


Laser Dentistry


Final Topics
End-of-year celebration


1. November 1-3, 2024 in person, incl. hands-on workshops in Honolulu, Hawaii
2. December 6-8 live Zoom webinars
3. January 17-19, 2025 live Zoom webinars
4. February 21-23 in person cadaver exercises in Honolulu, Hawaii
5. March 21-23 in person, lecture/workshops & live surgery in Vancouver
6. April 11-13 in person, lecture & live surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii
7. May 2-4 live Zoom webinars
8. June 6-8 in person, lecture & live surgery in Vancouver
9. September 12-14 in person, lecture & live surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii
10. October 3-5 in person, lecture & celebration in Vancouver

Our Clinical Faculty

Beyond mere experience in implantology, our faculty have credentials recognizing their specialist status with implant dentistry


what sets us apart from all other implant dentistry CE

  • 300 Hours CE – double or more of any other course available
  • 10 days of Hands-on Workshops, Live Patient Surgical and Prosthetic Sessions – more clinical experience than any other program in Western Canada
  • One-on-one surgical mentorship throughout the program from six ABOI Board-Certified oral implantologists
  • Non-commercial course covering the spectrum of implant types and systems; no implant system purchase required
  • 12 month membership in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (Subscription to the Journal of Oral Implantology, AAID News, Implant Insights, Digital Newsletter)
  • Eligibility to write the Part 1, AAID Associate Fellow exam
  • Numerous hands-on workshop opportunities: bone density, guided surgery, suturing, pig jaw manipulation, sinus window creation, and much more
  • 3-day Cadaver Course with anatomy review and mock surgeries – implant placements, bone grafting, sinus lifts
  • Online case planning, support, and dialogue and discussion through a private, unique online learning platform with Dental Campus
  • Multiple treatment planning sessions where you will present your cases and participate with your colleagues’ cases
  • Excellent review of fundamental sciences, comprehensive treatment planning, surgical and restorative protocols
  • Multiple distinguished faculty members to provide a broad perspective on implantology; other courses feature few speakers and we work hard to avoid tunnel vision and bias
  • Detailed case discussion and critique where you learn alongside colleagues regarding live cases

Ten 3-day sessions spread over ten months provide participants ample opportunity to learn and apply new techniques. Implant dentistry is not learned in a weekend or a week. It is an evolution of your skills that you hone during a serious course of study.

Didactic modules featuring the world’s premier implant educators are designed to teach as well as reinforce the concepts presented in live surgeries. Through case presentations in a group participation atmosphere, we teach surgical implant placement and associated bone and tissue grafting techniques with the goal of redefining effective treatment planning.

Participants develop actual cases from their own practices, beginning with diagnosis and treatment planning, proceeding through surgical guide fabrication and cone beam CT scan analysis, and culminating in implant placement, grafting procedures… the actual surgery is informed by the needs of the patient and the clinician’s professional learning goals.

The most powerful component of our program is live patient surgery. Your exposure to the possibilities within implant dentistry will expand as we progress through our curriculum, with participant surgeries and faculty-led demonstrations surgeries, from guided and non-guided implant placement to particulate, block, and tunnel grafting, to sinus augmentation, to soft tissue grafting, and beyond.

Mentored surgeries close the loop and develop your skills on real patients.

Who We Are

  • faculty of GP’s and specialists teaching real world applications with real world sensitivities to lifelong learners from all backgrounds of dentistry.
  • Generic programs free from corporate bias, driven by the latest scientific research and studies in best practices.
  • Lifelong learning opportunities. Implant dentistry is a lifelong pursuit, and it is vital to have consistent and regular continuing education to improve your skills.
  • A balanced educational experience. We emphasize both didactic instruction and hands-on clinical skill-building instruction. Apply what you learn.
  • A multiple implant systems approach to learning, to better understand the Pros and Cons of different implant designs. No system is a one-size-fits-all.
  • Education to teach you to develop critical thinking skills. Far from trying to sell you something, we work to teach you how to think critically so that new information is funneled through your own internal filter.
  • Scaffolded learning and instruction. We put you in the driver’s seat when you’re truly ready. That means learning the principles and mechanics in lecture as well as observing a live demo before tackling a similar case yourself.
  • Comprehensive Education. You don’t know what you don’t know… but with patience, hard work, and dedication, we can get you to the point where a safe, effective, and profitable implant practice is achievable.

Who We Are Not

  • Specialists who lack an appreciation for where you come from and your priorities for patient care as a general practitioner.
  • A condensed program that cuts out essential knowledge and provides wish-fulfillment that you are ready to tackle big surgical cases.
  • A product-driven educational experience with sales pushed upon you or “freebies” that funnel you into a corporate narrative.
  • A lecture series with speakers hand-picked by industry professionals rather than educators.
  • Here for a quick visit and then out of town when you need further learning support following our program.
  • An educational experience that places too much emphasis on clinical skills without the accompanying knowledge base to inform clinical decision-making.
  • A one-size-fits-all approach to education or to product usage.
  • A pure recipe book that doesn’t prepare you for surgical complications and complications management.
  • The “get educated quick” scheme, because we feel that would be a disservice to you as the learner and a disservice to your patients. “You don’t know what you don’t know… and what you don’t know can get you and your patient into trouble”.

Testimonials from Alumni

a Special Edition of the Vancouver MaxiCourse, with 4 of 10 sessions hosted in Honolulu


Base tuition is invoiced at registration; deposit of $5000 secures your spot. Surgery fees are charged following each surgery.

Payment plans are readily available and highly flexible. Speak with us to map out the best plan for you.

$22,000full year

Base Tuition

  • Register

$750per surgery

Surgery - Level 1

  • Instruments
  • Implant
  • Sundries
  • Equipment
  • Setup
  • Mentor

$1500per surgery

Surgery - Level 2

  • Instruments
  • Implants
  • Sundries
  • Equipment
  • Setup
  • Mentor

Reach out to us

Any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. It is a big commitment of time and energy, but worth it so long as it's a good fit for you and your practice.

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