Since a successful implant practice depends on involvement of the entire office, we provide the opportunity for your CDA’s / surgical assistants to attend a day of surgery at the MaxiCourse. While attending, these assistants will get the opportunity to work and interact with our Surgical Assistant Team, make notes about how our team runs an implant surgical day, as well as put their new learning into practice, setting up and taking down operatories, dropping instruments and sundries, and learning how to maintain asepsis throughout.

In addition, each year, we also run a Surgical Assistant Staff Training Program, designed to bring your staff up to speed on successfully implementing dental implant treatment in your practice.

Our two goals with this program are to provide the training and education that is necessary for dental assistants to incorporate dental implant treatment into their practice, and to support Vancouver MaxiCourse and Implant Continuum dentists with training for their staff, to better incorporate what is learned at our programs.


  1. Take-home knowledge for all participants to apply in their office on Monday
  2. Some hands-on practice that will allow participants to apply their new knowledge more easily into their work
  3. Support for the support staff in tackling a new / relatively new branch of dentistry that their dentist is bringing into their practice.


  1. demonstrations to see how implemented implant dentistry works in our practice
  2. a strong hands-on training component on Saturday
  3. handouts with resources to aid implementation at the office
  4. emphasis on common language and systems so that CDA’s can communicate clearly with each other and with patients


  • working with the implant patient
  • practice philosophy
  • how our office works [sterile field, instrument setup and care, implant components, sundries, the physical environment, the prosthetic appointment, lab communication]
  • sterilization & sterile fields
  • the implant and prosthetic operatory
  • workflow
  • patient communication
  • instruments and armamentarium
  • how-to hands-on workshops: scrub up, gloves & gown; instrument bagging and wrapping; understanding the surgical motor
  • demonstration & group practice workshop: how to set up an operatory & gown the patient
Instructors: Taz Ahamed, Teena Dhensaw, Luka Mueller [MaxiCourse Surgical Assistants]

This course is optional:

  • $595/1 CDA or $1045/2 CDA’s early bird rate
  • $695/CDA regular rate

Click HERE for more details (location, dates and times, etc) on our parent website, Canadian Dental Implant Training Centre