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THIS Year | 2023 – 2024

We are excited to announce the 2023/24 AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse program starting next fall.
1. September 22-24, 2023in person, incl. hands-on workshops
2. October 20-22live Zoom webinars
3. November 1-4in person in Las Vegas @ the AAID Annual Conference
4. December 1-3in person cadaver exercises in Phoenix, Arizona [Science Care facility]
5. January 19-21, 2024in person, lecture/workshops & live surgery
6. February 2-4live Zoom webinars
7. March 15-17in person, lecture & live surgery
8. April 5-7live Zoom webinars
9. May 24-26in person, lecture & live surgery
10. June 7-8in person, lecture & celebration

Note: all livestream lectures are recorded and available for later viewing. This will give you a bit more flexibility in scheduling

In-person modules, unless otherwise indicated, take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver B.C.