Watch our Intro Video, Educate with Integrity

Who We Are

  • A faculty of GP’s and specialists teaching real world applications with real world sensitivities to lifelong learners from all backgrounds of dentistry.
  • Generic programs free from corporate bias, driven by the latest scientific research and studies in best practices.
  • Lifelong learning opportunities. Implant dentistry is a lifelong pursuit, and it is vital to have consistent and regular continuing education to improve your skills.
  • A balanced educational experience. We emphasize both didactic instruction and hands-on clinical skill-building instruction. Apply what you learn.
  • A multiple implant systems approach to learning, to better understand the Pros and Cons of different implant designs. No single implant system is a one-size-fits-all.
  • Education to teach you to develop critical thinking skills. Far from trying to sell you something, we work to teach you how to think critically so that new information that you receive is funneled through your own internal filter.
  • Scaffolded learning and instruction. We put you in the driver’s seat when you’re truly ready. That means learning the principles and mechanics in lecture as well as observing a live demo before tackling a similar case yourself.
  • Comprehensive Education. You don’t know what you don’t know… but with patience, hard work, and dedication, we can get you to the point where a safe, effective, and profitable implant practice is within your reach.

Who We Are Not

  • ​Specialists without an appreciation for where you come from and your priorities for patient care as a general practitioner.
  • A product-driven educational experience with sales pushed upon you, or a lecture series with speakers hand-picked by industry professionals rather than educators.
  • Here for a quick visit and then out of town when you need further learning support following our program.
  • An educational experience that places too much emphasis on clinical skills without the accompanying knowledge base to inform clinical decision-making.
  • A one-size-fits-all approach to education or to product usage.
  • A pure recipe book that doesn’t prepare you for surgical complications and complications management.
  • A condensed program that cuts out essential knowledge and provides wish-fulfillment that you are ready to tackle big surgical cases.
  • The “get educated quick” scheme, because we feel that would be a disservice to you as the learner and a disservice to your patients. “You don’t know what you don’t know… and what you don’t know can get you and your patient into trouble”.