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Over 300 hours of Continuing Dental Education

Most clinicians believe that a comprehensive, didactic course of study integrated with live clinical experiences are the gold standard in implant training. Over the past several years, our program has evolved to provide what our students describe as a career-changing professional experience. We know of no other course that offers all the crucial elements and flexibility necessary to best prepare you for success in placement of dental implants.

The Vancouver MaxiCourse is a structured post-grad fellowship program in implant dentistry, 30 days of education over ten months, November through October [bypassing summer], with each module Friday to Sunday. It consists of a systematic buildup of didactic material, laboratory exercises, surgical demonstrations, clinical participation, and surgeries on your own patients. All surgeries are mentored and supervised by AAID/ABOI board-certified faculty members, and surgical sessions are 100% personalized to your surgical learning needs.

Module four of the program will offer an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in laboratory exercises as well as review surgical anatomy and the placement of implants and performance of various surgical procedures on cadavers.

At the completion of the program, each participant will be eligible to challenge the written component of the AAID Associate Fellowship exam at the end of the program. This is optional and a personal choice.

Historically on average, approximately 50 surgeries are performed by the class each year. Whether you’re a new or veteran dentist, the MaxiCourse is a comprehensive foundational program that any implantologist needs to take their skills to the next level.

Graduates of the MaxiCourse® will be eligible to enroll in the Vancouver Implant Continuum, an advanced surgical study club offered by the Canadian Dental Implant Training Centre Inc.

* Clinical sessions are differentiated according to the previous experience and educational requests of the participant. Sessions will be tailored to focus on surgical, prosthetic and/or advanced techniques as required by the participant to maximize their educational experience. We want you to stretch yourself within the supported learning environment.

Sessions are designed as a modular approach to learning

Each module is theme-based and is designed to facilitate effective learning. The material presented is evidence-based and/or based on best practice according to the generally accepted protocols in implant dentistry. The home study online program, developed by our faculty in conjunction with Dental Campus, is designed to supplement each module and stimulate thought on the subjects and foster a systematic development of confidence and knowledge in performing some of the procedures. It is not the intent of this program to teach all the treatment modalities to proficiency; participants should develop the ability to select, develop and lead a surgical and prosthetic team in rehabilitating various partially and complete edentulous cases.

An overview:

  • A concisely presented program of study guided by a core faculty to help you navigate the complexities involved and weigh the indications and advantages of the various techniques.
  • Ten three-day sessions spread over ten months provide participants ample opportunity to learn and apply new techniques. Implant dentistry is not learned in a weekend or a week. It is an evolution of your skills that you hone during a serious course of study.
  • Participants develop actual cases from their own practices, beginning with diagnosis and treatment planning, proceeding through surgical guide fabrication and cone beam CT scan analysis, and culminating in implant placement, grafting procedures… the actual surgery is informed by the needs of the patient and the clinician’s professional learning goals.
  • Live surgeries take place on select modules on Saturday/Sunday, preceded by case presentation and treatment options discussion and followed by discussion of the science and techniques that inform the surgeries and a detailed discussion of the surgery itself.
  • Didactic modules featuring the world’s premier implant educators are designed to teach as well as reinforce the concepts presented in live surgeries. Through case presentations in a group participation atmosphere, we teach surgical implant placement and associated bone and tissue grafting techniques with the goal of redefining effective treatment planning.
  • Hands-on workshops are spread throughout the program to develop these skills on dental models and pig jaws, as well as surgical anatomy cadaver exercises.
  • Mentored surgeries close the loop and develop your skills on real patients.

Benefits of the AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse:

300 Hours CE Non-commercial course covering the spectrum of implant types and systems
10 days of Hands-on Workshops, Live Patient Surgical and Prosthetic Sessions. More clinical experience than any other program in Western Canada No implant system purchase required
Numerous hands-on workshop opportunities: bone density, sterile setup, suturing, guided surgery, pig jaw manipulation, and much more Excellent review of fundamental sciences, comprehensive treatment planning, surgical and restorative protocols
3-day Cadaver Course with anatomy review and mock surgeries – implant placements, bone grafting, sinus lifts Multiple distinguished faculty members to provide a broad perspective on implantology
Online case planning, support, and dialogue and discussion through a private, unique online learning platform with Dental Campus Course participants will be eligible to take the Part 1, AAID Associate Fellow exam
6 treatment planning sessions where you will present your cases and participate with your colleagues’ cases 12 month membership in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry
One-on-one surgical mentorship throughout the program from six ABOI Board-Certified oral implantologists Subscription to the Journal of Oral Implantology, AAID News, Implant Insights, Digital Newsletter
Detailed case discussion and critique where you learn alongside colleagues regarding live cases Participants may charge their professional fees to their patients during live surgical sessions to help recover tuition costs

For a basic introduction to the AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse, watch this video

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