Vancouver Implant Continuum

CDITC logo transparentThe Mission of Canadian Dental Implant Training Centre [CDITC] is to foster excellence in clinicians, to skillfully provide oral implantology services in a safe, effective, and profitable manner. A framework for life-long learning will be developed through a comprehensive foundation built on the understanding of the history, fundamental sciences, and current standard of care in oral implantology.

The Vancouver Implant Continuum is an advanced surgical study club program under the Vancouver MaxiCourse® umbrella. It consists of 7 days of clinical experience [Saturdays] and the optional benefit of participating in 14 days of educational lecture (Lecture days are back-to-back with clinical sessions). The program will run from September to June, same as the MaxiCourse. The optional lecture is similar to the exposure you had in the MaxiCourse (though our program is updated each year based on your feedback). All surgeries will be mentored and supervised by board-certified oral implantologist faculty members.

The key advancement in our Implant Continuum is an increased focus on critical thinking in the field of oral implantology and the study of current research and scientific literature. A more thorough understanding of treatment options, possible surgical complications, and expected outcomes will be examined as a group; this will include a higher level of patient documentation, the goal being to create evidence to assist in making future decisions on treatment options – evidence-based dental practice. The seminar-based discussions will be introduced once or twice during the year.

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed an AAID MaxiCourse® program prior to registration in the Implant Continuum.


Our Goals for You:

  1. Reinforce the learning you received in the MaxiCourse by offering any and all lectures to you, to revisit and refresh your minds.
  2. Reinforce your surgical anatomy knowledge by offering the December module for you to attend.
  3. Refine your surgical skills by engaging in more challenging surgeries, as you continue to push your own personal surgical envelope.
  4. Fine-tune your treatment planning skills and preparedness and foster your confidence and growing independence in advanced implant treatment.

Benefits of joining the VIC:

  • Approximately 3-4 surgical spots per dentist through the year [as opposed to two in MaxiCourse]. Continuum members have six dedicated surgical slots per clinical module.
  • A smaller, more intimate gathering for case discussion, critique, and clinical observation – typically one mentor and 6-8 colleagues.
  • Continuity & consistency of continuing education – continue to build your skills under the same high standards and treatment philosophy and with the guidance of mentors you’ve built a relationship with.
  • Support system and camaraderie of colleagues and mentors alike.

Possible addition to this year [dependent on registrants]: Continuum II

  • More experienced clinicians with 1+ years’ experience in the Continuum can be assigned to Continuum II and will be given more clinical time throughout the year by sharing a mentor with a colleague for the same time slot; mentor oversees two surgeries side by side. Your surgical assistant for this surgery will also be a more experienced clinician. Your mentor will not be sterile and so cannot take over for you, but will be available for guidance. Expect more than 4 surgical spots throughout the year if assigned to this group.

Requirements & Expectations:

  • Scrubs
  • Clinical camera
  • Laptop that can import photos from your surgery from a camera memory stick or through camera cable; these photos are vital to case critique and proper documentation.
  • Your own basic instrument setup [see appendix on 2nd page]
  • Option to continue using advanced surgical instrument kits [see appendix] for a rental fee, or bring your own. Surgical sundries can also be purchased from Continuum inventory or brought with you.
  • Cases posted to Dental Campus a minimum of 3 weeks before surgery. Cases can be tentatively approved through discussion with mentor on clinical days, but must be posted for discussion.
  • More rigourous treatment planning expectations [step-by-step details including time allotment for each step], as well as post-op photos and updates on case posted to our online Classroom [Dental Campus].
    • Cases will primarily be presented on the Classroom and approved through discussion online.
  • Commitment to a full clinical day: 8:15am to 6pm
  • Commitment to following and contributing to case discussion on our online Classroom.


Schedule your CDA to attend once per year to learn surgical setup / sterile field creation and maintenance. Assistant can observe surgery as well as the Continuum CDA staff and take notes/photos for learning purposes.


Dates: Lecture / Clinical:

  • September 22-24 [Maxi lecture only]
  • October 5/6
  • November 17/18
  • December 8-10 [Cadaver Course]
  • January 12/13
  • February 9/10
  • March 16/17
  • April 13/14
  • May 4/5
  • June 1 [Maxi lecture only]

Tuition: $6500 plus tax
Maximum number of registrants: 20

For more information, please contact Andrew Gillies, or call 604-330-9933

To register, please fill out the registration form and send a $500 non-refundable deposit cheque or credit card information to:
Canadian Dental Implant Training Centre Inc
#227 – 1959 152 St, Surrey B.C. V4A 9E3


* Note that all surgical fees will be charged to the credit card on file. Credit card info must be provided on registration form.